Train, test, and certify your employees.

Gauge is a learning management system for keeping employees and partners certified.

Train and Certify Employees and Partners Healthcare Certification Field Worker Certification

A robust LMS at a fraction of the cost.

From healthcare testing, to sales training or financial services licensing, Gauge let’s you create custom lessons and tests, to keep your team going strong.

Learning Managment System for Certification

Contractor Certification

Manage the required certifications of you 1099 employees or contracted labor.

Private Certification

Develop and maintain a certification program for any organization.

Training and Practice Tests

Create a professional training program for licensed employees and help them prepare for their exams.

Employee Certification

Track employee certifications necessary for them to continue to do their jobs or advance in their careers.

Partner Certification

Be sure your service partners are compliant or meet certification requirements in your industry.

Enterprise Level LMS

Just a few ways our customers use our app for testing and certification

Human Resources

Human Resources

Pre-employment, Employee Advancement Testing, Annual Compliance Testing

Train and Certify Your Sales Team

Sales Force

Product Training and Certifications

Continuing Education Certifications

Continuing Education

Websites for Content Delivery, Training and Certifications

Thousands of customers and counting

The platform is pretty easy to use and I was able to teach my team how to use it without too much effort. The attention to detail in this product is excellent.

Overall Gauge is a good product/platform with lots of features/functionality and the customer support we've received has been excellent.

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