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Get to know Gauge, a feature-rich testing and certification platform that meets the demands of any company or organization.

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Step 1.

Create and Edit Tests

Gauge is a robust testing platform that gives you everything you need to create, edit, and customize the perfect tests for your users.

Test Types

To begin creating a new test, start by choosing from one of three test types which you can customize to suit your unique needs.

Basic Test

A Basic Test is the simplest type to get started with. Add questions and answers one at a time using our test builder and configure them to meet your assessment requirements.

Basic Tests are great for light-weight testing needs, practice tests, or quizzes.

Test With Question Banks

Tests With Question Banks are our most popular test type. These tests are made up of question banks which are can be configured independently or at the test level.

Becuase question banks are independent of any one test, they can be reused across an unlimited number of tests you create.

Test With Sections

For advanced assessment needs, we created Tests With Sections. Tests With Sections utilize reusable question banks but are broken up into individual sections, often by subject matter, and taken in sequence.

Tests With Sections are excellent for high-stakes testing.

Explore the top features of Gauge tests.
  • Randomize questions and possible answer options
  • Control every aspect of the test-taking experience including providing hints, scenarios, and automating results
  • Set minimum or maximum time limits
  • Add more questions than you need but limit the number of questions per test for test integrity
  • Limit the number of questions a test taker sees per page
  • Set a minimum passing score threshold
  • Set restart time limits and limit the number of time a test can be taken
  • Include relevant media at the beginning of tests

Question Types

Choose from six different question and answer types and combine them in any way you can imagine to build the test that is right for you.

Multiple Choice



True or False

Text Answer

Likert Scale

Like our tests, questions are also highly configurable.
  • Set unique scoring options for each question type including making them required or designating them as extra credit
  • Randomize some or all answers options
  • Set the difficulty of each question
  • Create anchor questions
  • Include media in individual questions
  • Add hints and remarks to questions
  • Create scenarios and link them to questions

Advanced Test Settings

As an enterprise-level testing and certification platform, Gauge has been built with the advanced features you’d expect.

Optionally Charge Users To Take Tests

Gauge is fully integrated with Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout to make it easy for you to charge your test-takers for tests.


Language and Country Settings

Deliver tests to teams across the globe at the right time, in the right language, and in the correct currency if you are charging for tests.

Virtual Proctoring

Maintain test integrity with Gauge’s virtual proctoring integrations through ProctorU and ProctorFree. These easy-to-use proctoring services will make sure your tests are secure.


Get the most out of Gauge with enterprise-level features.
  • Users can buy one test at a time or select multiple tests and other content through a shopping cart feature
  • Localized sales tax setting for users who are paying to take tests
  • Override payment settings by each individual user
  • Use coupons or discount codes to adjust pricing
  • Convert US Dollars into dozens of currencies
  • Translate tests into 24 languages
Step 2.

Set Up Programs and Courses

Gauge isn’t just great for one-off tests, you can create and manage learning paths for certification, training programs, or advanced coursework.

Create A Clear Learning And Testing Path For Your Users

With programs and courses, you can combine any number of lessons, tests, and follow-up surveys all while controlling what content users see based on their progress.

Set Prerequisites

Require your users to take and complete content, tests, and more in a sequential order that follows the prerequisite rules you configure.

Award Certifications

Deliver custom certificates to your users based on the completion of coursework and tests, or when they meet the criteria you define.

Track Progress

Use reporting to keep a close eye on your user so you know who has recently been placed on a learning track, who has completed course or program content, and who needs to catch up.

Continuously Improve

Use built-in surveys to gather valuable information from your users about your learning content, tests, and programs so you can continue to improve how you deliver value to your organization.

Set up courses and programs to keep users on track:
  • Create time access limits to tests and content based on dates or due dates
  • Allow for electives and nested sets of electives that count for program completion
  • Manage optional expiration dates and due dates and corresponding notifications
  • Automatically deliver certificates by email once programs have been completed
  • Track individual users or user groups
Step 3.

Create Custom Certificates

For over 20 years, Gauge has made it easy to manage compliance and certifications for teams of all shapes and sizes.

Certifications Made Easy

Keeping track of your organization’s compliance and certification is mission-critical and we know that like nobody else.

Even the most rigorous certification processes are easy to create and manage with Gauge’s advanced features, automation, and security.

Use our templates or your own branded graphics to create an unlimited number of certificates that can be automatically delivered upon completing coursework, passing exams, or based on rules you set.


Build, manage, and deliver certificates your way:
  • Include graphics, images, and numerous font options
  • Have certificates automatically delivered to users who complete courses and lessons or receive a passing test score
  • Automated delivery supports all international paper sizes
  • Built-in support for over 50 mail merge codes
  • Create and deliver certificates as encrypted PDFs to prevent manipulation of documents
Step 4.

Add and Manage Users

Invite users throughout your organization to collaborate, take tests, and stay on top of the critical training or certifications needed to keep things running smooth.

Add Collaborators From Your Organization

Add and assign custom roles to those within your organization who are responsible for managing some aspect of training, certification, or people operations and need admin access to Gauge.

While you can assign any number of custom roles, the following are the most common Gauge admin roles:

Super Users

Super Users have complete access to all Gauge content, features and settings. Because Super Users have unlimited access, be sure to carefully assign this level of permissions to your collaborators.

Content Managers

Content Managers are members of your team who are responsible for developing, editing and approving content, tests and programs within the Gauge platform.

User Managers

User Managers are those within your organization whose job it is to add, remove, and manage users in Gauge. User Managers are also charged with managing user groups and often tracking individual or group progress over time.

Reporting Managers

Reporting Managers are responsible for building, running, and reviewing reports in Gauge to track everything from organization-wide progress to performance by user group.

The tools and permissions your team needs:
  • Assign the right roles and permission with ease
  • Assign General Administrative and Billing roles that are separate from other admin responsibilities
  • Control notification preferences for admin-level accounts
  • Allow admin-level accounts to access content and tests as regular users

Add Users To Your Account

Users are the people within your organization that are regularly being trained, tested, and certified for their respective positions or job functions.

There are four ways to add users in Gauge:

1. One At A Time

Administrators with the correct permissions can add users one at a time as new employees or members enter your organization.

2. In Bulk

Administrators with the correct permissions can add users in bulk by copying and pasting text that is separated by a delimiter into Gauge.

3. Self Registering

You can configure Gauge so users can self-register through a login page that is unique to your organization.

4. Single Sign-On

Enterprise clients often choose to register users through an API or Single Sign-On integration.

Gauge user features easily allow you to:
  • Host an unlimited number of users for your organization
  • Set default time zones for each user when your organization is dispersed
  • Set default language and currency settings for each user
  • Optionally override charges for taking tests by user
  • Override test-retake settings at an individual user level
  • Track progress and history at the user level
  • Give users access to their own portal so they can track their progress over time
  • Create custom fields for advanced user management

Creating And Managing User Groups

User Groups are a powerful way to organize and manage users throughout your organization.

All companies and organizations are different but they almost always have teams spread across functional roles, cohorts, geographic areas, or areas of expertise.

You can create an unlimited number of User Groups, to segment your teams any way you like making it easier to train, test, track, and communicate in the Gauge platform.

For organizations with complex structures, you can even set up User Groups to assign admin access to parts of your team.


User Groups make managing your organization even easier.
  • Schedule lessons and content at the group level
  • Track group progress over time
  • Set payment, language and location preferences by user group
  • Set communication preferences and alerts for the whole group
  • Require proctoring by group
  • Set time ranges for access to content
Step 5.

Configure Messaging and Email Settings

From in-app instructions to email alerts, Gauge gives you complete control of your communication settings.

Your Messaging, Your Way

Just about every aspect of messaging within the Gauge platform can be configured.

In-App Messaging

You can use Gauge’s default messaging or include your own custom messaging throughout the platform. Gauge allows you to customize:

  • Registration Instructions
  • Login Page Content
  • Test Instructions
  • Page Navigation
  • Page Elements Like Titles and Headers

Automated Email Messaging

Use Gauge’s standardized email templates to get up and running quickly, or create your own email templates to meet your unique messaging needs.

  • Welcome Messages
  • General Notices
  • Invites
  • Test Notices
  • Test Completion and Results
  • Course or Program Status Updates
  • Password Help
  • New User Setup
Configure your messaging to meet your needs:
  • Easily customize system-level messages and welcome messages
  • Full control over dynamic user information with over 50 mail-merge codes
  • Customize interface elements your users will interact with
  • Ready to go email template and certification templates that you customize
  • Override default SMTP gateways to use your own mail servers
  • Include custom graphics in your email signatures
Step 6.

Results & Reporting

Your organization is generating a lot of useful data, Gauge reporting helps you keep track of the progress.

The Data You Need To Keep Moving Forward

From quick reports that let you see which users have completed certain tasks to comprehensive statistical reports, Gauge gives you the data you require.

Know instantly where your team excels and where they require improvement with Gauge’s automatically generated analytical reports.

Follow-Up Reports

After testing is complete, receive an in-depth report with visual representations of results to help you analyze the effectiveness of testing.

Statistical Reporting

Statistical reports show user trends based on the time it takes to complete a test, incorrect and correctly answered questions and passing scores.

Comprehensive Data

Comprehensive reports visually represent all of your testing data and can be viewed by user group or individual user.

Gauge reporting gives you quick access to:
  • Integrity analysis of tests and individual questions
  • Exception reporting to see which users haven’t yet taken required tests or content
  • Quick exporting in PDF, Excel, CSV, and Word formats
  • Insights to craft future tests based on past results
Step 7.

Security And Advanced Settings

Take your testing and certifications to the next level while keeping your organization and its data protected.

Enterprise-Level Features Only From Gauge

No great platform is complete without the flexibility to make it your own, and keep it safe.

API Integrations

Our advanced API and Webhooks allow you to integrate and match the design of your existing website with your recently created certification content.

Custom Code

Use your own CSS and custom javascript functions for more control of your tests.


Develop custom authentication preferences for your users by controlling what information is required for a user to log in.

Limit Access

Use IP ranges and/or referral addresses uniquely controlled by user groups to limit site access.

Are you ready to give Gauge a try?